Our Team

Ben Mast


Ben founded B & L Transport after having gained many years of invaluable experience in the agricultural and automotive industries. He used his expertise to develop the company into a highly sought-after carrier. He is still involved in daily operations; but for the most part, Ben has turned the reins over to his son Jon. Ben and his wife Laura, (the L in B & L), spend their winters in Florida, and love to spend time with their kids and grandkids.

Jon Mast

President and Director of Operations

Jon has a strong vision for B & L Transport, and the leadership of the Company. His open door policy makes him accessible to all employees, who appreciate the fact that he knows them all by name, and takes time to discuss concerns and workplace issues. Jon is married and he and his wife Cassie have two children. He enjoys golf and time spent with his family.

Mary Ann Schrock


Mary Ann has been with B & L over 20 years, and has seen many changes in the transportation industry over the course of that time. She has worn numerous hats in her career, mostly in Accounting and Human Resources. Mary Ann has also worked for many years as the Hours of Service auditor and trainer, in addition to developing a safety program. She enjoys the daily challenges of the transportation world, and the excitement of growth in the Company. Mary Ann is married and loves to unwind in her gardens, growing vegetables for dinner and experimenting with new plants and flowers each season.

Josh Truit

Dispatch Manager/Load Planner

Josh started his career at B & L, as a wash boy 12 years ago, washing trucks after high school and football practice. As Load Scheduler, he organizes outbound freight and he schedules freight deliveries according to each customer’s specifications. Josh is also very involved in the driver relations, keeping the communications between dispatchers and drivers and customers flowing. He loves the fast paced atmosphere, thriving on making the puzzle pieces fit, and his goal is to continue to keep customers and drivers happy. Josh is a family man; he is married and has a two kids; a son and a daughter. He loves to unwind on the golf course.

Ryan Boals

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Ryan is responsible for over 70 trucks and 100 refrigerated trailers on a daily basis. He joined the B & L team in October, 2013. He came on board with a great attitude and desire to learn the industry. He has recently transitioned roles here to Fleet Maintenance Manager, He got his start dispatching trucks. He has a real passion for the transportation field and is determined to give his all every day. Ryan is an avid outdoorsman; he hunts, goes fishing, and gardens. He is married with a young son.

Duane Miller

Head Mechanic

Duane oversees three full time mechanics and two truck washers in the truck garage. He handles repairs and routine maintenance for all company owned trucks. He is certified in Thermo King Refrigeration, and can repair and test the refrigerated units on the temperature controlled trailers. He works closely with drivers on road repairs and resolves any mechanical/safety concerns they may have. Duane is married; he and his wife enjoy getting away on their Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.

Daniel Raber

Customer Service Manager

Daniel Raber is the Customer Service Manager of our product department. Previously Dan came to B & L as a driver, then moved into the furniture shipping and warehouse consolidation department, and is now responsible for proper communication with all of our customers regarding their products. He has experience in the furniture industry and enjoys the customer relationships he’s building; he thrives on customer service. He is responsible for meeting with new and existing customers, promoting B & L as a furniture specialist carrier. Dan is married. He enjoys sports, his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and is actively involved in the community.

Dan Yoder

Driver Manager

Dan works with over 20 drivers on a daily basis. He has been a part of the B & L team since 2009. Dan came with an extensive knowledge of the local furniture shipping needs, and has helped B & L grow the furniture warehousing and freight department. Dan has a great attitude with drivers and brokers as he dispatches his trucks, always finding time to laugh and have fun at work. Dan is married, with two daughters and a baby granddaughter.

Cody Ditto

Driver Manager

Cody works with over 20 drivers on a daily basis. He has been a part of the B & L team since April 2016. Cody came to to B & L with previous driving and dispatching experience. Cody has a great attitude with drivers, understands what it is like to be over the road, and does what is needed to take care of his drivers and their loads.

Bob Callahan

3rd Shift Driver Manager

Bob works with our dispatch team to resolve those needs after hours. He has been a part of the B & L team since August 2008. Bob started with us as an Over The Road driver and has since transitioned to his current role with the B & L team. Bob’s extensive OTR experience has helped B & L grow in keeping our drivers moving after hours and making sure driver’s and customers are taken care of. In his spare time he enjoys boating, fishing, BBQ’ing, and hanging out with family and his grandsons.

Teresa Loretta

Driver Manager

Teresa’s duties include dispatching, billing and log auditing for her drivers She enjoys family adventures; trying new things with the kids, along with the tried and true board games, bowling, family movie/pizza nights. Her hobby is mudding, and hitting the trails on quads. She loves football; playing, watching, all of it. She’s a die-hard Steeler’s fan.
Teresa was born and raised in Pennsylvania; which explains why she’s a Steeler’s fanatic. She has 2 kids, who have taught her the true meaning of unconditional love; she says she can’t believe she’s lucky enough to be their Mom. Her fiancé is wonderful, and has proved that good men do still exist, and he brought his son into her life, whom she’s grown to love dearly.
People would be surprised to know: Teresa is part Native American and her fiancé is from South Africa. Her dream vacation is to camp out under the Northern Lights.

Lance Kandel

Back Haul Dispatcher & Recruiting

Lance works with our dispatch team to broker and secure back haul loads on a daily basis. He has been a part of the B & L team since January 2016. Lance has recently accepted the addition role of recruiting drivers to the B & L team. Lance’s extensive sales experience has helped B & L grow in the brokering area of our loads and keeps our drivers moving after our customers are taken care of. Lance has a go get’em attitude with our drivers and dispatch team as he brokers & secures loads. Lance has a degree in Sports Management from Shawnee State University, in his spare time he enjoys sports and bow hunting.

Nolan Rennicker

Human Resources

Nolan Rennicker joined our team full time to fill the gap in human resources. He is the youngest of 3, with a brother and sister. Nolan graduated with a Bachelors degree in business management from Kent State University. In Nolan’s free time he enjoys hunting, spending time with his girlfriend, watching movies and playing sports (baseball in particular). Nolan is an animal lover, he is more of a dog person but currently has a cat named Izzy and somehow let his girlfriend talk him into a second named Sox. He is a very motivated individual who is always looking to learn more to help with the growth and success of B & L.

Maria Burkholder

Administrative Assistant

Maria works in Accounts Receivable and is part of the dispatch/billing team. She is in constant communication with drivers and customers throughout the week. She bills customers and is also involved with driver’s daily log auditing. Maria enjoys traveling, camping with friends and amateur photography.

Arlene Yoder

Administrative Assistant

Arlene has been a part of the team since 2005. She is highly versatile, and her role changes as the company continues to grow. She is involved with Human Resources as support staff, oversees logbook auditing, and is very knowledgeable in DOT hours of service regulations. She also works as a dispatch/billing team member. Arlene has a great sense of humor, bringing a smile to all she comes into contact with. She is married, has a pet donkey, rabbit, turtle, bird and an active dog.

Marilyn Hershberger

Accounting Assistant

Marilyn handles all accounts payable and receivable entries, as well as being support staff for numerous accounting matters. She has a detailed, driven and precise work ethic, which is perfect for her position. Marilyn loves beach vacations, shopping with girlfriends and primitive camping.

Amy Troyer

Administrative Assistant

Amy assists with payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, as well as being support staff for numerous office projects. She is detail oriented, focused, and completes projects in a timely manner. Amy enjoys painting, drawing, time with friends and family.

Leah Miller

Administrative Assistant

Leah Miller has joined our team as a full time administrative assistant. She has two brothers and two sisters. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, sports (volleyball in particular), and music (she is taking guitar lessons currently). Leah is a bright and motivated young lady that is driven to help with the success of B & L.

Katelyn Graber

Administrative Assistant

Katelyn Graber has joined out team as a full time administrative assistant. She is the oldest of 4, with one sister and two brothers. Katelyn enjoys shopping, traveling, hanging out with her friends, and listening to music. Katelyn is a motivated young lady with a very happy personality. She is very driven in everything she does and is helping to the success of our team here at B & L.